A Guide To Choosing A Wheelchair Lift For Your Vehicle

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When it comes to choosing a wheelchair lift for your vehicle, you may begin to feel confronted and confused by all the types on the market. Don’t let this deter you from having one installed in your van, however – a lift is a great tool for helping those who are physically impaired to become more independent and to give them more freedom.

Take the following factors into account when making a choice, and you are sure to pick out a wheelchair lift that is perfect for your needs:


As there are so many different wheelchair lifts on the market, you must first decide whether you are simply intending to store the wheelchair during travel or whether the disabled person intends to remain in their chair whilst the vehicle is in motion. Lifts that have been designed to help you store a wheelchair can be installed in almost any vehicle (allowing you to keep your current car) with minor modifications, whereas a lift for an occupied wheelchair must be installed in a much larger vehicle.


On occasion, you will find that your current car is not suitable for the installation of a lift, meaning that you will have to purchase a van or other large vehicle in order for it to work.


You must keep in mind that not all lifts have been designed to carry all types of wheelchair. For example, most arm models are not able to raise overly heavy chairs or mobility scooters. Ensure that your choice of lift is best suited to your type of wheelchair.


If you are only looking at wheelchair lifts as a means to store your wheelchair, then you must look at how you plan on allocating this storage, as there are both internal and external options available. An internal lift will take up considerable room inside the vehicle, but will keep the wheelchair away from the elements.


Finally, you will need to look at your budget, as this will ultimately determine the type of wheelchair lift that you install. As there is a wide range in the prices of these lifts, it should not be too difficult to find one that fits within your affordability.

By taking into account all of the above considerations, you can be sure to find the best wheelchair lift for your needs. Remember that there is no right or wrong answer – only a choice that is more appropriate and one that is less appropriate.

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A Guide To Choosing A Wheelchair Lift For Your Vehicle

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A Guide To Choosing A Wheelchair Lift For Your Vehicle

This article was published on 2012/04/05