Affects of Fuel Varnishing in RV Generators

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It is always important to keep your RV generator in the best condition possible and that includes frequent oil changes, spark plug replacements and battery cleaning.  While these are to some degree good habits to get into and will increase the longevity of any RV generator there is another maintenance task that should never be avoided but can be often times overlooked and that is to make sure to run a full tank of gas every month.  If this is not something that is being done each and every month there is a risk of warranty loss, performance loss and an overall deterioration of the generator.

The performance of the generator will definitely be affected if fuel is left in the tank.  Storing an RV over the winter is a typical reason.  Not operating the generator enough to where it needs to be refueled once a month is another.  If the fuel is leftover in the engine for a long period of time, fuel varnishing can become a serious issue. 

Fuel varnishing happens when the fuel is not run through the system and it will leave a gummy type residue in the RV generator carburetor and its fuel pump that clogs up the tubes and piping.  The fuel that sits in the engine for a long time will always deteriorate and when that happens it can cause problems.  It doesn’t take long for the fuel to break up and will happen in a short time span.  If the original fuel quality is low or storage conditions were subpar, fuel can achieve bad results in a generator in 30 days.  If you don’t let it sit and instead refuel the generator with new gasoline and keep it fresh and runt he generator on a regular basis this should not be an issue and fuel varnishing will have less of a chance to occur.  If, however, the generator is neglected and left for months on end with fresh gas, this could very well happen.

Gummed up fuel lines can happen in any type of engine and affects quite a few engines but it is much more problematic in RV generators and smaller generators in general because these engines are small and will not withstand clogging in their small parts.  A small change in one place will affect the entire generator much more easily.  A generator that has a fuel varnishing problem might even start up but then it will run as if it needs to be tuned up.  It may surge and accelerate and decelerate but won’t really keep at a constant speed.  If speed goes up and down, then the voltage will spike accordingly.  To cure this use a special RV generator preservative, pour it into the tank and run it through the system.

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Affects of Fuel Varnishing in RV Generators

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This article was published on 2012/04/24