Generators for RVs Engine Maintenance

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There are many items that must be given attention in order to keep an RV generator running smoothly and effectively.  The best rv generator is the one that has been maintained and shown mechanical care over the months and years of its operation.  The basic rule of thumb with an RV generator is that when its been used it must be maintained and when it hasn't been used it must also be maintained.  This is because an RV generator needs to be started every month in order to ensure that it is fully functioning and to keep all the interior parts in their best condition.  It would seem that if the generator has not been running it doesn't need to be addressed but you must remember that gas left in a generator can gum up the system and cause even worse damage than one that has been running.  Parts that sit for a long period of time can lag and become less than precise.  It is good practice to run your generators, but for those that are run well there must be a maintenance plan.

Always schedule your maintenance before taking a vacation with your RV.  Below are a few points to consider when looking over your RV generator.

If a generator is run a lot it needs to have periodic oil changes and oil filter changes.  Refer to the owner's manual anything you intend to open up your generator and do work of any kind.  In very warm to hot weather and also if there are dusty conditions the oil needs to be changed more than normal.  Before changing the oil the control panel on the generator needs to be changed to the OFF position.  This may seem obvious but it can also be overlooked and could cause injury.  Contact with engine oil is known to cause cancer and/or cause reproductive issues.  Always handle engine oil with care.  Avoid breathing vapors and keep contact with the skin to a minimum, if at all.  Remove drain plug, drain the oil, replace the filter and refill the oil completely before operating again.

Also, look into spark plug and battery care whenever conducting maintenance on an RV genset.  Always take care when dealing with spark plugs to not crossthread them when seating the plug.  Seat it first by hand then use a tool to tighten the plug down the extra 1/4 turn or so.

When checking the battery always make sure to ventilate the area and wear goggles.  Electrical arching at the battery positive and negative terminals can cause the battery gas to ignite so be very careful.  Always turn the genset off and completely disconnect the charger prior to taking any further steps.  Take off the negative terminal attachment first and reconnect at the very end.  Be careful as taking off the cables can cause a spike in voltage and this can cause damage to circuitry.

Maintaining an RV generator will keep it running smooth for years to come and give you a great power source on any vacation.

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Generators for RVs Engine Maintenance

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This article was published on 2012/04/17