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The Microlite 2800 RV genset made by Cummins Onan is a first-rate unit that combines ease of installation with durability and reliable power output. There are many good reasons to consider Onan generators and specifically the Microlite 2800. Not only does Onan provide a 3 year warranty with a new 2800 genset but their customer service and repair departments are really top notch. Although there will be some problems with any generator that is purchased and taken into the field for use, it’s smart to buy a genset that has a reputable brand name behind it. Onan, Generac and Kohler are all good lines to choose from and should be strongly considered when making an RV generator purchase.

The Microlite series 2800 genset has other important features besides its brand name and support from Onan. It is a very lightweight generator that is either gasoline or liquid propane fueled depending on the RV owner’s preference. Gasoline is easily accessible in most areas and as a camper travels to different campgrounds and scenic areas like rivers or lakes many times there will be a gas station within a few miles for the convenience of weekenders and outdoorsman. Sometimes in remote areas gas stations are not available but in that case extra fuel can be carried in case there is a need. Liquid propane, or LP, is not as abundant a fuel when traveling and so this fuel type should be planned on ahead of time to make sure the supply is there. Cold weather starts are easier with propane because gas can get gummed up easier. Propane is less efficient per gallon when burned than gasoline but doesn’t require the monthly startup that gasoline does.

The Microlite 2800 is a very quiet generator set. This is important when camping in national park campgrounds where noise limit laws are in place in order to keep noise pollution to a minimum. How would it be if everyone started a raucous generator at the same time and ran at full throttle for hours? It would be unbearable and ruin the camping experience. So while these rules may see annoying to a generator operator they actually help give a better outdoor experience. The Microlite will only create somewhere around 72 dB(A) a 10ft before installation at a full load for a 60 Hz unit. For the 50 Hz unit it will come in at 64 dB(A). When installed, the sound buffering in any RV will decrease this sound level even further. This is an acceptable sound rating for most campgrounds.

This genset is easy to maintain and has a service entrance from a single side in its frame. The generator is totally enclosed and is simple and quick to install. They are single phase with voltages of either 120 or 220. The wattages range from 2000 to 2800 with RPM’s in the range of 3000 to 3600. These ratings will apply to altitudes of up to 500 ft at 85 degrees F. To derate the generator based on altitude use a decrease of 3.5% for every 1000ft above sea level and decrease it 1% for each 10 degree F addition in temperature above 85%.
The Microlite 2800 weighs in at 113 lbs. The dimensions are 24 in. length, 16.44 in width and 12.25 in height.

If you’re planning on running an air conditioning unit for those hot summer days out on the road and at a campground area the Onan 2800 generator will handle many of the duties of powering the A/C unit(s) along with an additional wattage baseload. Check with Onan for approved air conditioning units for any RV generator.

Some other features of the 2800 series generator are a mounting system with vibration isolators, a muffler that is fully enclosed, an approved spark arrestor muffler (USDA Forest Service), auto choke, engine preheat, an automatic shutdown for low oil levels, electronic start and solid-state ignition.

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Onan 2800 RV Generator

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This article was published on 2012/03/31