RV Gensets for Your Travels

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An RV genset is a great investment for those who want to get out on the road and travel to areas where boon docking, or plugging into an external campground outlet, is not possible or available.  Many adventurous RV owners enjoy traveling to places that are not for everybody and that includes places where there are no power hook ups or concrete RV pads but instead require a traveler to have the proper self-contained equipment.  This type of equipment include not only food and water appliances for the people in the RV but also the proper fuel and generators for RV use to handle electricity for the living quarters. 

One of the keys to being able to use an RV generator out in remote areas like high plateau and desert regions that require the use of a generator to run things like air conditioners is conducting proper maintenance.  The operation manual will outline these procedures in specific language so the owner will have a checklist to go by when on the road. 

These manuals should be concise and go step-by-step so the RV owner who is in the middle of a remote area will have directions that are to the point and accessible when needed.  One motto that cannot be stated enough is that if an RV generator is taken care of it will in turn take care of you and your RV.

A basic rule is that generators for RVs should be maintained according to the hours it has been run.  If the generator is use does not have an hour meter installed in it than it would be a good idea to install one as soon as possible.  Place any newly installed hour meter near the RVs main electrical panel in order to best watch the meter and keep an eye on how many total hours the generator has been run. 

Cummins Onan RV generators are meant to follow a maintenance schedule for proper and top performance.  As noted above, those who travel outside of mainstream areas should adhere to a regular schedule in order to assure their generator is in ready condition at all times.  The last thing any RV owner wants to deal with when on vacation is a generator that stalls out, has timing problems or flat out burns up because something as simple as conducting routine maintenance was not followed.  Make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Be sure to check the system that houses the exhaust every time the generator is started.  Also, check for leaks to any piece of the exhaust system.  Other than this, scheduled maintenance should be followed based on hours registered.  This will make the RV experience much better since the on-the-road power source will be a reliable and beneficial one for all.

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An RV generator like the Onan and Generac brand units can make for quality power generation on-the-go.  To find the best generators for RVs research your options and find out which generator works best for you.

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RV Gensets for Your Travels

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This article was published on 2012/04/26